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This months featured artist is Sheinina Raj.

Sheinina's award winning and critically acclaimed touring art collection INTERCULTURAL is a conceptually rigorous and detailed portfolio exploring conventions of ethnographic perceptions through a series of self-portraiture featuring Sheinina Lolita Raj arrayed in the traditional authentic finery of twenty-five nations. Raj’s own intercultural heritage and intercontinental family history first inspired her to embark on this serial self-transformation. Raj’s serene gaze and relaxed but formal front-facing pose creates a clean, almost classical structure within which comparisons are encouraged, as both differences and similarities are celebrated equally, and attention to detail moves the story forward. In these images, the spectator sees the artist more profoundly and inevitably they come to see themselves as well. Sheinina's believes this is a humanitarian call as she enlightens cultural ideologies and initiates respect for diversity unifying humanity for a peaceful coexistence worldwide. 

Featured Student Artwork

Japanese Woman

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