The Intercultural Worldwide Learning Virtual Classroom will

provide access to a state of the Art Education program that

will feature live and archived lessons taught by Interdisciplinary Artist Sheinina Raj. 

The unique online platform will ensure every student receives 

Art Education lessons that enrich a Primary curriculum. The program will stimulate curious minds, encourage critical thinking and build self-confidence. A diverse, equal and inclusive art and culture approach will ensure all local students attain global awareness. 

Whether in a classroom with a teacher or at home with a parent students will have the vital  tools they need to ensure the highest

quality in Primary school education.

About Interdisciplinary Artist Sheinina Raj

"I am incredibly excited and honored to teach students live lessons from a virtual classroom and provide a vital Art Education program".

With more than a decade of experience Sheinina’s passion for art and culture empowers her unique ability to engage public in unifying immersive art experiences.

Sheinina is an Art and Culture Ambassador and has represented Global Affairs Canada with her Intercultural exhibition at the Miami Design Preservation League Museum. The City of Miami Beach honored Sheinina Raj with a Proclamation for “Intercultural Day”. Sheinina represented Global Affairs Canada with the Intercultural exhibition at World Art Dubai and received the “Most Innovative Artist Award”. An advocate for Art Education Raj was selected by the British Council as a Presenter for their Going Global Conference held in Malaysia. Sheinina won the Tokyo International Foto Gold Award and is a recipient of an International Photography Award for Self-Portrait. Sheinina is the Artist that launched the National Gallery of Contemporary Arts Fiji where she worked directly with the Attorney General's Office. Her vision for a virtual park in the courtyard of the A+D Architecture and Design Museum served as an environment that came to life with donations received for LAUSD. Sheinina is the Producer of the LAUSD School Garden Program installation at the Green Schools of California Summit where she ensured teacher training workshops that ultimately lead the way to LAUSD Outdoor Learning Classrooms.

"I have always thought art making is important for mind, body and spiritual wellness. Art Education has never been more important than during these unprecedented times to ensure we are aware and nurturing our mental health just as much as we consider and protect our physical health". 

It is with great pride as a mother and artist that Sheinina Raj will teach Art Education lessons to students worldwide.


In The


Huffington Post

"New forms of self-expression being infinite is central to Raj's entire enterprise. Life like art becomes only more radiant when boundaries are overcome and everyone and everything is most fully in it together"

Shana Nys Dambrot

Miami New Times

"It's never been more important to be reminded of what we all have in common, our humanity. Intercultural an exhibition showing the people are more alike than their style of clothes, bank accounts and manner of speaking would have us believe". 

Jonathan Kendall

Time Out

"Dive deep into an artist’s understanding of cultural boundaries and identity during a conversation with photographer Sheinina Lolita Raj, whose photographs tackle both subjects unflinchingly".

Ryan Pfeffer